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I am a South African/French actress who has performed in 14 international productions of classical and contemporary theatre, 11 as a lead character, seen by over 25 000 children and adults.


I grew up surrounded by books, nature, animals and art. I have 20 years horse-riding experience along with a varied dancing career from ballet classes in the church hall to competing in Latin American and Ballroom dancing. I grew up learning French, Afrikaans, and Zulu and now speak fluent Spanish. I have travelled extensively and now live between London, Madrid and Johannesburg.


I recently filmed my first role in a feature film in Spain, shot and produced my own short film in London, wrote a Spanish Zoom-short scene and did my first voice-over for a cocktails commercial in Johannesburg. I am cultivating a creative and open community through the Familia de cine, founded by acclaimed actress Assumpta Serna and actor Scott Cleverdon based in Spain.


Among my hidden talents I am a seamstress of 1950’s style clothing, I can spin fire fans and steer a narrowboat, perform Olympic-level dressage moves, learn a Shakespearean sonnet in an hour, and cook the perfect Spanish albondigas.

Height: 168 cm

Eye Color: Blue-green

Hair Color: Auburn

Location: London, UK

Madrid, Spain, 

Johannesburg, South Africa


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Hamlet | Horatio | English Theatre more | Hastings School

Supporting Actor​

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Selected Credits

La Sirvienta | Mihaela | Pablo Moreno | Contracorriente Producciones

Voice Over

THIRST Commercial | Robert Malpage | Cake Productions


Bed Among the Lentils | Susan | Summer Banks  | The Calder Bookshop and Theatre 2020

Lead Actress

Medea Redux | Woman | Summer Banks  | Teatro de Las Aguas

Lead Actress

Miss Julie | Miss Julie | English Theatre Madrid | Teatro Sala Trovador

Lead Actress

Hamlet | Horatio | English Theatre Madrid | Colegio La Inmaculada Marillac

Supporting Actress

The Government Inspector | Anna | Jessica Friedan | WITS Theatre

Supporting Actress

2010 - present
2010 - present
Training &

The London Meisner Company 2020 - ongoing

Stanislavski Scene Analysis | The Actors Centre | Seb Harcombe

Escuela Assumpta Serna Fundación First Team | E-LABIC Acting for Camera | Scott Cleverdon and Assumpta Serna

Crash course in Screen Acting | International School of Screen Acting | Mark Normandy

Voice coaching and Shakespeare | Dorothy Ann Gould

University of the Witwatersrand | Bachelors (Hons) in Performing and Visual Arts (Distinction) | Acting, Physical Theatre & Psychology

Special Skills

Horse-riding (advanced), Latin American and Ballroom dancing, tango,  salsa, physical theatre, fire spinning (basic - staff and fans), sailing, painting, drawing, sewing and costume-making, piano, TIE.

Spanish, French (conversational)

Afrikaans (Basic)

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