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You know those millennials who find themselves stuck in a 9-5 job but can’t get out because when they dig down the problem is actually that they have no idea what they want to do with their lives?


Well, that was definitely not me.

My problem was having too much that I wanted to do.

After many adventures including 5 different countries, a masters degree, a narrowboat and a broken collarbone, I found my answer on the stage in the basement of a café in Cambridge. 

Since then I have performed in one-woman shows in Madrid and London, touring children's theatre in Spain and the Canary Islands, as well as theatre productions of Shakespeare and Strindburg, I've shot a feature film in Spain and a short film in London and recently begun writing and producing my own work.

Below you'll find a selection of my projects to peruse and enjoy!

Creative Work

La Sirvienta - Feature Film directed by Pablo Moreno

Thirst - Hibiscus Fizz

Thirst - Conversation Piece

Directed by Rob Malpage and produced by Cake Productions.

Voice over: Saskia van Ryneveld


Period Drama. Comedy. Romcom. Spanish/French.

A young lady rejects a gentleman's proposal in a park. A teacher tries to give feedback to a parent of a 4 year old genius. A millennial tries to tell her date what she wants from a relationship. And a European student calls home to tell her parents about her new flat in London. 

This was a really fun project that I worked on with a wonderful team of filmmakers and friends. We shot this over two days in various locations around London.

I wrote, acted and produced. 

Luke Worster was DOP.

Amy Loureth edited and was our sound operator.

Pascal Blaschta was my lovely co-star.

Natascha Betts was our AD.

The Creative Insomniac

A short I wrote, performed and shot in my bedroom whilst in the 2020 lockdown in London. 

This was Inspired by countless nights of being kept awake by the creative ideas filling my mind. The only way I could finally get some sleep was to make it. 

Music: Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5 in G minor.

Lockdown project 2. 

A couple in a long distance relationship try to navigate confessing in the realm of Zoom.

Performed and written by Saskia van Ryneveld and Manu Villasanta

with the help of Familia De Cine Trinity Fariña and José Mellinas.

Sonnet 147

Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 in Madrid

A project I did with Secret/Heart theatre exploring a sonnet in the beautiful setting of Madrid. 

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