Speech and Presentation Coaching

I work with business professionals to feel confident and empowered with their voice and in their body when speaking in front of a room full of people or to a camera. We build up a specific skillset that you can use to present in meetings, pitch to clients, or interview for a new job.

I will teach you to:


  • Develop a healthy, powerful voice

  • Understand what to do with your body 

  • Write a persuasive speech

  • Engage your audience

We cover mindset, voice,  speech content and speech delivery.

Take a look at the class options below.


Introductory Session

A 1-hour Zoom consultation. 

This session is an introduction to speech and presentation coaching with me. We will look at the basics and look at what you can do to improve. 

Price: £45.00

Contact to book a session.

Video Conference

The Fundamentals Course

A 5-session online course covering the fundamentals. Sessions are 2 hours each, delivered over Zoom with a maximum of 4 people per course.

We look at:

1) Mindset

2) Voice

3) Speech writing

4) Speech delivery

5) Putting it all together

Practical exercises in a supportive environment to develop skills and confidence.

Price: £250.00 

Contact to book a place on the next course.

Customised Coaching 

Work with me privately to prepare for a specific project. We will cover the key skills of speech and presentation work as well as helping you prepare for your particular project. 

Contact for a quote and to discuss your specific needs. 

Private Meeting

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