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Recommended Reading

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

All the books I've read that I think are worth your time.

Here is a list of my book recommendations when it comes to the world of acting and being an artist. This list will be updated periodically.

Acting Craft

  • An actor prepares/creating a character - Constantin Stanislavski

  • On Acting - Michael Chekhov

  • Sanford Meisner on Acting - Sanford Meisner & Dennis Longwell

  • Respect for Acting - Uta Hagen

  • The Technique of Acting - Stella Adler

  • True or False - David Mamet

  • Acting for the Camera - Tony Blair

  • The Actor Speaks - Patsy Rodenburg

  • How to Do Accents - Edda Sharpe & Jan Haydn Rowles

The Acting Business

  • Self-Management for Actors - Bonnie Gillespie

  • The Actor's Life: A Survival Kit - Jenna Fischer

  • Acting is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a successful career - Judy Kerr

  • Actors & Performers Yearbook (Date) - Edited by Lloyd Trot - Methuen Drama

The Creative Business

  • Show your work! - Austin Kleon

  • Deep Work - Cal Newport

  • The Artists' Way - Julia Cameron


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